A Sidewalk Talk Q&A with Replica CEO Nick Bowden.

A Sidewalk Talk Q&A with Cityblock Health’s Co-Founder and President, Dr. Toyin Ajayi

A Sidewalk Talk Q&A with Ori CEO Hasier Larrea.

A Sidewalk Talk Q&A with Cavnue Chief Safety Officer Nicole Neeson

A Sidewalk Talk Q&A with Cavnue’s CTO Jaime Waydo about the missing piece in the self-driving puzzle.

Photograph of a construction worker working on a timber building. In the background there are houses and high-rises.
Crest mass-timber construction site in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. (Image: James MacDonald/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

A Sidewalk Talk Q&A with mass timber pioneer Susan Jones

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, one of the most digitally enabled places in the world. (Image: Julius Jansson / Unsplash)

Digital transformation advisor Anett Numa explains that Estonia had been “preparing for the crisis for the past 25 years.”

Architect Wanda Dalla Costa stands in front of a shade structure that she built for the Gila River Indian Community. (Image: Selina Martinez / Arizona State University)

A Sidewalk Talk Q&A with Phoenix-based architect Wanda Dalla Costa.

Transmission lines run along towers over a grassy field.
(Image: Unsplash user Alexandru Boicu)

Author and anthropologist Gretchen Bakke explains the 20th century hang-ups preventing a cleaner energy future.

Pop-up store in Seattle. (Image: Flickr / Trevor Dykstra)

A Q&A with the CEO of Popuphood, which brings cities and developers together to help retailers occupy once vacant spaces.

Vanessa Quirk

Editorial Manager, @SidewalkLabs. Former @MetropolisMag @ArchDaily @TowCenter @CharlieRose. NYC. Traveler. Singer. Podcast addict. https://vmquirk.contently.com

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